Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Delicious Post

When trying to think of one of my favorite web 2.0 tools for supporting socio-technical innovation, I struggled, because I realized for the first time how much I utilize web 2.0 tools.  Web 2.0 has become a part of my everyday life.  I enjoy working on my wiki, blogging, casting, designing, and posting.  As I started thinking more about socio-technical innovation, it dawned on me that research is key to innovation.

I gather all of my web resources in delicious.  Delicious is a social bookmarking site, which solves the issue of having favorites on different computers.  Delicious bookmarks follow you on every computer you log onto.  Additionally, there are browser add-ons that make accessing delicious and bookmarking as easy as a simple click on the mouse. 
In addition to the bookmarks following you anywhere you have an internet connection, another great feature is the tagging capability.  When you bookmark a site you can tag it for organization and searching options.
Some other nice features include the ability to share your delicious tags with others (mine) and the collaboration options.  For all the sites you bookmark, you can see who else has bookmarked that same site.  They may have sites that you like as well and you can discover new resources.  Moreover, you can network with others and in essence who you network with their bookmarks become yours if you wish.

Delicious supports innovation in a multitude of ways.  It collects and organizes all your resources that you tag.  As your reading an article, it probably has multiple links to other resources.  You can tag these links to read the sites later as you continue to focus on your current article to finish reading it.  Moreover, you can see what others have bookmarked with a similar tag which will allow you to discover more resources.  Furthermore, delicious encourages networking.  You can discover others who share similar interests in tags.  In conclusion, delicious offers a practical solution to have your favorites follow you on any computer and a great technical tool to inspire innovation and collaboration.

Close seconds included Google docs (although I think that leans more towards cloud computing) and my sticky notes.

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