Saturday, May 26, 2012

Social Media Overview

To summarize my last few blog posts, social media empowers educators to develop their personal learning environment and also motivate students.  With any new initiative, there are issues that education realm must address before launching a full campaign with it in the entity.  Policies like Acceptable Use Policies and Internet Safety Policies can layout expectations and proper use while defining inappropriate use.  With the proper foundation of planning and reinforcement, education can unlock the potential of social media.

Social media can transform the educational landscape.  Current practices involve a teacher in the front of the room asking questions.  Students raise their hands and one student is called on to answer the question.  The quiet student in the back who has great ideas may never get a chance to voice his/her opinion, because of shyness or never being given the opportunity.  Social media solves this issue.  Everyone can participant and everyone has an equal voice.  With everyone contributing, the classroom conversation will have more depth and more angles of the topic will be discussed.  The most important aspect is that everyone learns from the activity. 

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  1. Terrific job, Jason. You have a real talent for presenting information whether in a ppt., prezi or the look and feel of your blog. The content is great and the presentation makes it attractive and clear.