Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Ahead

As I read Shirky’s (2008) ideas and concepts on small world concepts along with viewing his diagrams, it reminded me of my undergraduate abstract algebra course. His concepts involve group theory with rings, fields and vector spaces. Social media does resonate group theory analytics. I never made the connection, but Shirky’s readings this week helped me with the association. I think social media will continue to grow in popularity. Like Jue, Marr, and Kassotakis (2010) mention, social media will become a “table stake” (p. 179). Likewise, they point out that trailblazers will become the models for others to follow.

Social media is popular now in regards of using it as an entertainment convenience. In the next 18 months, I predict a much larger social media penetration into the workplace. Social media will offer more efficient communication. For instance let’s look at Microsoft (mostly because I have researched their future releases the most recently). They have an existing product called Lync which combines work tools and social media into one. Lync reads your outlook calendar automatically and posts your availability without having to do anything. With Lync, you can make calls, video conferences, chat, share documents, and much more. It integrates into your Office package, mobile phone, and windows operating system. It’s a really neat product that’s gaining popularity.

Another Microsoft future prediction involves the release of Windows 8. The metro tile appearance will definitely take some time to get use to. This may also deter some from purchasing a Windows 8 device. However, Windows 8 has some really neat integrated social media. Microsoft Live (MS cloud solution) integrates with the operating system, allowing users to share documents, collaborate on a wiki, and post information. Windows 8 also runs on slates, laptops, anddesktops which also adds a unique twist to it.

Windows 8 will also introduce the picture password. The picture password will draw some attention. I predict it will have a slow start, because it is a dramatic change and change is hard for many people. However, I think more people will accept the picture password by the end of the next 18 months and it will revolutionize security.

The future is bringing integration of social media. Microsoft will have social media integrated into its operating system and Apple has this in the works too. The iPhone will be released with improved facial recognition for security and it will showcase the new iOS 6. iOS 6 promises to integrate social media like facebook and twitter into its operating system. I’m not sure exactly how it will function, but knowing Apple it will be an excellent user friendly interface.

Again to recap the next 18 months, social media will become the commonly accepted norm and expected communication route, Lync will gain popularity as Microsoft’s flagship communication vehicle, Windows 8 with picture password will have a sluggish start at the beginning of its induction but will rally several months after its release, and Apple will dazzle us again with the iPhone 5 incorporating facial recognition on the new iOS 6.

Jue, A. L., Marr, J. A., & Kassotakis, M. E. (2010). Social media at work: How networking tools propel organizational performance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Shirky, C. (2009). Here comes everybody: The power of organizing without organizations. New York: Penguin Books.

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