Thursday, January 3, 2013

Transformation of OSS

Fitzgerald (2006) poses a different framework for the progress and transition that open source software has undergone. He coins the phrase of open source software 2.0. At first open source software grew from software hackers with altruistic goals to save the world. As the evolvution continued, Fitzgerald believes that open source has morphed into a commercial enterprise where the software is free, but an entire industry has grown to support the software.

Fitzgerald (2006) offers a great comparison of FOSS (free open source software) and his new phenomenon OSS 2.0 (open sources software 2.0). His framework chart analyzes the differences between the two phenomena in regards to development life cycle, product domains, primary business strategies, product support, and licensing. As all technology advances, so does OSS. He makes excellent points in the shift dynamics of how OSS develops and operates now compared to yesterday. The OSS development of today is less like the original Eric Raymond’s “Bazaar style” and more strategic especially in respects to its business model, commercial support, and paid developers.


Fitzgerald, B. (2006). The transformation of open source software. MIS Quarterly, 30(3), 587-598. Retrieved from

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